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Welcome to NFO12!


We celebrate the 20th anniversary of the international conference of Near-field Optics, Nanophotonics and Related Techniques (NFO) since its first edition in 1992.  NFO has been among the first conferences addressing optics on the nanometer scale, triggered by the fascinating prospects of near-field techniques for pushing the resolution of optical microscopy towards the molecular level. Twenty years later, a variety of novel fields that involve nanooptics and photonics have been developed, including plasmonics, metamaterials, quantum information, biosensing and ultrafast dynamics. NFO12 will cover all these fields, providing an international platform to present and discuss the latest advancements.


We hope to see all of you in Donostia - San Sebastian in September 2012 to enjoy an exciting conference in this very pleasant city. Donostia-San Sebastian has been awarded to be the European capital of culture in 2016. This award acknowledges the efforts made by the city to show a state-of-the-art cultural agenda, in addition to its astonishing landscape with a wonderful bay surrounded by urban beaches. Gastronomy also plays an important role in the city, and we hope that all the attendees of NFO12 enjoy both Science and Life in this genuine Basque city.

Javier Aizpurua and Rainer Hillenbrand

Chairs of NFO12



Important Dates

JUN 12th, 2012  Notification of Acceptance
JUN 30th, 2012  Early Registration Deadline
 (Reduced Fee)
AGO 6th, 2012  Registration Deadline
SEP 2nd, 2012  NFO School
SEP 3rd, 2012  NFO12 Official Opening
SEP 7th, 2012  ESF Bionanosen

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San Sebastian



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