ESF Bionanosense

ESF Bionanosense

On Friday, September 7th, a special session devoted to bionanosensing will take place, sponsored by the European Science Foundation ESF.

Prof. Stefan Maier will open the session with a keynote talk.

A set of invited talks by some of the members of the Advisory and Program Committees will be scheduled, and announced promptly.

The registration to this event will be free of charge for all those registered at NFO-12, but confirmation of attendance is required.

If you are already registered to NFO-12, please access your private area and confirm your attendance clicking the corresponding box.

If you are not registered to NFO-12, you can do it here: Registration form

Date  SEPT 7th, 2012
Venue  Kursaal Conference Center




Hosted by:          
Donostia San Sebastian Turimo    
FEI Nanonics imaging ltd. neaspec NT-MDT Witec  


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