Invited Speakers

> Martin AESCHLIMANN University of Kaiserlauten - GERMANY
Ultrafast optical control at the nanoscale

> Dimitry N. BASOV UC San Diego - USA
Dirac plasmons in graphene: spectroscopy and imaging

> Philip E. BATSON Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - USA
Plasmonic Forces Induced by Swift Electrons in Small Particles


> Jeremy BAUMBERG University of Cambridge - UNITED KINGDOM
Quantum Plasmonics in gap plasmons with precise sub-nm control

> Oliver BENSON Humboldt University - Berlin, GERMANY
Fundamental Photonic Hybrid Systems Based on Defect Centers in Diamond


> Richard BERNDT University of Kiel - Kiel, GERMANY
Coupled plasmons at the transition from tunnelling to contact

> Alexandre BOUHELIER Université de Bourgogne - Dijon, FRANCE
X(2) processes in electrically contacted optical gap antennas: second harmonic generation and optical rectification


NSOM applications to plasmonics at infrared wavelength

> Enzo DI FABRIZIO Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia - IIT - Genoa, ITALY
Nanostructures and their use in nano optics

> ZhenChao DONG University of Science and Technology of China - Hefei, CHINA

Plasmon mediated single molecular optoelectronics


> Jens DORFMÜLLER University of Stuttgart - Stuttgart, GERMANY
Real-Space Imaging of Optical Nanoantennas by apertureless SNOM


Biosensing at the single particle level


> Javier GARCíA DE ABAJO Institute of Optics - Madrid, SPAIN
Graphene plasmonics: An atomically thin look into NFO


> Francisco GARCÍA-VIDAL University Autonoma of Madrid - Madrid, SPAIN
Localized spoof surface plasmons in textured particles


> Harald GIESSEN University of Stuttgart - Stuttgart, GERMANY
Complex plasmonic nanostructures: moving towards applications

> Haewook HAN Postech - SOUTH KOREA
Quantitative Spectroscopic Terahertz Near-Field Microscopes

> Achim HARTSCHUH University of Munich - Munich, GERMANY
New directions in tip-enhanced near-field optical microscopy

> Christiane HOEPPENER University of Münster - GERMANY

Single Sphere and Self-similar Colloidal Nanoparticle Antennas for Membrane Protein Imaging


> Mikael KÄLL Chalmers University - SWEDEN
Nanoplasmonic biosensing – promises and problem



Near-field measurement and manipulation of antenna-enhanced spontaneous emission


> Frank KOPPENS ICFO - Barcelona, SPAIN
Graphene plasmonics


> Joachim KRENN University of Graz - AUSTRIA
Tuning plasmon modes for biosensing


> Kristján LEOSSON University of Iceland - ICELAND
New fabrication approaches in low-loss plasmonics and controlled self-assembly of metal nanostructures for biosensing


> Mikhail LUKIN Harvard University - Cambridge, USA

> Adnen MLAYAH CEMES - Toulouse, FRANCE
Acousto-Plasmonics based sensing

> Hrvoje PETEK University of Pittsburgh - USA
Ultrafast plasmonics: Imaging light with electrons on the femto-nano scale



Angle-resolved cathodoluminiscence imaging Spectroscopy: deep subwavelength imaging of the modal dispersion of light.


> Anne Marie PUCCI University of Heidelberg - GERMANY
Surface enhanced infrared spectroscopy

> Romain QUIDANT ICFO - Barcelona, SPAIN
Towards an integrated plasmonic platform for early cancer diagnosis


> Mark STOCKMAN Georgia State University - Atlanta, USA
Spasing and Amplification in Plasmonic Nanosystems


> Yung Doug SUH Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology - REP. OF KOREA
Nano-gap Enhanced Raman Scattering (NERS) controlled by DNA


> Prabhat VERMA Osaka University - JAPAN

High-resolution optical imaging through plasmonics and beyond plasmonics


> Hong WEI Chinese Academy of Sciences - Beijing, CHINA
Controlling Surface Plasmon Modulations in Siver Nanowire Waveguides


> Kumar WICKRAMASINGHE UC Irvine - California, USA
Raman Probe Force Microscopy - a New Method to Detect the Raman Effect


> Jörg WRACHTRUP University of Stuttgart - Stuttgart, GERMANY
Near field imaging with single atomic emitters


> Joel YANG Institute of Materials Research and Engineering - SINGAPORE

Driving Resonances In Plasmonic Nanoantennas By Electrons and Photons




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